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Ute Bales

Autorin im Rhein-Mosel-Verlag

»Connecting Across Time and Space« – ein Beitrag über den Komponisten Ennio A. Paola, die Zusammenarbeit mit Ute Bales und über das Stück, das er für den Roman »Die Welt zerschlagen!« geschrieben hat, in: Renaissance, Ausgabe Frühjahr 2017, Ontario/ Canada – von Stuart Foxman



... To illustrate how those connections cross borders, he mentions German Dada artist Angelika Hoerle (1899—1923). In 2009, the Art Gallery of Ontario mounted an exhibit of Hoerle‘s work. Angie Littlefield, Hoerle‘s grandniece and a writer and curator based in Toronto, wrote a companion monologue play called Angelika’s Promise. For the play, Paola wrote a music underscore called “Comets 61: Shadows.”

Fast-forward six years. Paola is in the midst of writing a commissioned piano piece to mark the 750th
anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri.  And across the ocean, a German novelist named Ute Bales is researching and writing about Hoerle. While searching online, Bales stumbles upon Paolas name and listens to “Comets 67: Shadows” on SoundCloud.

She contacts Paola. As he reports, “She fell in love with my music, and said it expressed the subject in a way that she could imagine Hoerle.”

In Bales’ novel, Die Welt Zerschlagen, she ended up acknowledging Paola. She also asked
him to contribute music for her 2016 book tour. He composed a track called “The World Is Smashed/The World Is Shattered.” Bales used it when travelling throughout Germany and in a special presentation at the famed Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, a place that was instrumental in founding the Dada art movement.

Paola doesn’t speak a word of German. Bales struggles in English. Yet they found a common chord.
What Paola says about music could apply to the web as well: “It breaks all the barriers.” RS


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